To all graphic designers out there, did you ever feel bored with your profession? Here are the 10 best motivational quotes for graphic designers to keep going and doing their best:

1. Milton Glaser


When you are designing something, do it will all of your heart, so that when people see your design, they will say ‘wow’.

2. Brian Reed


What this quote is trying to say is that it is effortless to be mediocre, but to achieve greatness you should work really hard. You should put in more efforts compared to other graphic designers.

3. Robert L. Peters


The point of this Robert L. Peters’ quote is that it is design that decides the future.

4. Alina Wheeler


The intelligence of a graphic designer can be seen from their design. So, to appear intelligent you have to produce awesome design.

5. Thomas Edison


You have probably heard about this quote a lot. To gain success you must work hard. It does not matter how clever you are, if you do not work hard, you will not achieve success.

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6. Anonim


This quote is true. It takes skills to create good design, and to improve your design skills you have to be persistent.

7. Don Draper


You don’t need to design something complicated to impress people. Simple design, as long as it is significant, is recommended.

8. Zeldman


In the dictionary of a graphic designer, the word ‘retire’ cannot be found. A graphic designer will no longer create designs only when they die. What about you?

9. Anonim


If you love what you do, you will not be under pressure. Ask yourself if graphic design is really your passion.

10. Lorinda Mamo


If the story is great, the design will be even greater. Period.

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