Believe it or not, it’s not always easy for great writers to find inspiration for their writings. Content ideas do not just fall out of the sky. When they are stuck for ideas, will they just sit around and wait for them to come? Of course not. They go look for inspiration, and that’s what you have to do too when you don’t know what to write. Here are 10 great sources of inspiration for your writing:

  • Books and magazines

reading books

Reading is a truly excellent source of inspiration. Read the books written by your favourite authors. Or, read any books and magazines that appeal to you, analyse their writing and get inspired. By savouring each word and phrase used by the author, you can better yourself because you may want to improve your own writing style.

  • Movies and music


If you are stuck for ideas, take a break and listen to the music you enjoy. Music has the power to help you relax and inspire you. Movies are also a good source of inspiration. Pay attention to the characters and what they are saying. The dialogues may inspire you for your next writing.

  • Memories


Everyone has their own stories, their own memories, both happy and sad. Remember the old days, what have happened to you and others that are parts of your life. If there’s a story to be told, then write about it.

  • Something blue or green

something blue or green

According to research, blue and green colours can make you calm and influence your creativity. Take some time to take a look at the sky or the trees around you.

  • Observation


The truth is that there are plenty of things out there that can become your inspiration only if you really pay attention to them. Observe your surrounding: the people and things. You’ll soon get the ideas of what to write next.

  • Nature

nature landscape

One of the many ways to let inspiration come to you is by appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. Watch the sunrises and sunsets or go to see the lakes, mountains, even rain and puddles.

  • Exercise


Exercise can lead to fresh ideas. It’s probably the quietness together with the increased flow of blood to your brain that stimulate the brain. If you find it hard to believe, you should try and see for yourself.

  • Meditation


Sometimes all you need is time to be completely alone. Get some time to listen to the silence and clear your mind. Don’t think about anything, just open your mind and listen. You’ll soon be amazed because there are so many ideas coming to your mind. Wanna know the secret? The ideas were actually there, you just didn’t open your heart and mind before.

  • Art


Looking at great art can inspire you because creativity is contagious. Take a break and visit an art gallery when you have no ideas what to write.

  • Dreams

dreams sleeping

Last but not least, dreams are also a great source of inspiration for your writing. Dreams are interesting in that dreams let you explore a totally different world without any prevailing rules of the reality. Keep a dream journal and write down what you can remember when you wake up.