Life is full of experiences, both the good ones and the bad ones. As time goes by, those experiences turn into memories.

As humans, it is normal that we want to forget about the bad and just want to remember the good. As time goes by too, all those memories we have will fade away if we do not preserve them.

Below are four creative ways to preserve your memories forever, try them:

1. Write down your experiences in a book or a journal

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The first way you can do to preserve and relive those beautiful memories is by writing down your experiences. Write down all things that make you happy, write them in great details. Use a notebook or a journal to record everything.

It does not matter if you are not a writer, everyone can express what they experience and what they feel in writing. When you miss your past, you can just open your book or your journal, reading it will make you smile, so widely.

2. Take a lot of pictures and make photobooks


Take as many pictures as you want, print them and keep them in photo albums. Or, what most people do nowadays is making photobooks. Choose the most beautiful pictures and make photobooks.

3. Record videos


Spend time together with family and friends and record some videos. What are the videos about? They can be about anything. For example, ask your loved ones to talk about their beautiful experiences, their favourite objects, what they like most from their childhood and many more. Do not forget to also record yourself.

4. Have a memory box

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The fourth way to keep memories alive is by keeping everything precious, such as postcards, notes and gifts from your loved ones, in a box. Depending on how many you want to keep, one box may be enough, but maybe not.

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