Christmas is coming to town in about one month from now. If we cannot really feel the Christmas atmosphere in Indonesia, it is totally different with these five cities. If you wish to feel the real Christmas atmosphere, you should visit one of these cities, or maybe all of them:

1. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is naturally beautiful, and when Christmas comes, Prague becomes an extremely gorgeous city. It is as if Prague had been bewitched. The Old Town Square is a must-visit destination if you decide to go to Prague during Christmas vacation. The Christmas Market opens daily, you will really enjoy shopping there.

2. Vienna, Austria


The second city to visit is Vienna, the capital city of Austria. The city’s gorgeous charm in December is proof that its people love Christmas a lot.

There are plenty of interesting activities you can do when you visit Vienna during Christmas. You will get the chance to ride a pony, enjoy a classic Christmas concert, visit its Christmas Market, and many more.

3. Lapland, Finland


Lapland, which is located in Finland, offers one of the most beautiful Christmas atmosphere in the world. The city is just amazing and gorgeous. There is a Santa Claus village in Lapland. You can take pictures with Santa Claus and his rheindeers there. There are other awesome activities you can do while in Lapland, one of our most favourite is riding a group of huskies.

4. Nuremberg, Germany


Nuremberg’s Christmas Market is one of the best in the world. Every year Nuremberg successfully attracts millions of visitors during Christmas. In addition to the magical Christmas atmosphere the city offers, you can also buy plenty of traditional Germany Christmas goods in Nuremberg.

5. Quebec, Canada


The fifth city that makes it to our list is Quebec in Canada. The amazing Christmas ornaments and decoration are the reasons you should visit Quebec in December.

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