You have printed your business cards and now you want to distribute them. But where to start? Here are five smart ways to distribute your business cards:

1. Give your business card instead when there is someone who asks for your contact number


When you are talking to someone and you are interesting enough to them, what they will usually do is asking for your contact number. Instead of telling them right away, you can give them your business card as you’ve got more information provided in your business card.

2. Leave your business card in a restaurant or a cafe before leaving

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Having finished eating in a restaurant or a cafe, you should not leave right away. Instead, take out your business card, leave one or two on the table. Other visitors may be interested in your business cards and contact you later. Who knows, right?

3. When distributing brochures or flyers, distribute your business cards as well


Yes, when you are distributing brochures or flyers, it is best to also distribute your business cards. Despite having provided contact information in the brochures or flyers, people will pay more attention to your business if they get your business cards too.

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4. When leaving tip, leave your business card too

People love leaving tip if they feel satisfied. You do the same too, don’t you? If that so, you can leave not only tip but also your business card. The person receiving your tip would be happy to keep your business card. In case their other customers need something that you can provide, they will think of you right away. Be nice to people, and they will be nice to you too.

5. Sometimes the function of a business card is not only as a business identity but also as a discount coupon

If you are planning to promote your business to attact more potential customers, it would be a great idea to make your business card a discount coupon. One side of the business card should be about you and the other side should be about the promotion. In general, people love promotion. That’s why if you follow this method, it is very likely that people will keep your business cards.