Every person has their own goals in life, because without goas, life would be meaningless. However, having goals only is not enough, you have to do something to achieve them, starting with writing down what your goals are. Why is it important to write down your goals? Here are the six reasons:

1. By writing down your goals, you know exactly what you want

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Goals without plans will be difficult to achieve. By writing down your goals, you will know for sure what it is that you really want, what’s truly important to you, because you are forced to choose something specific and decide what you really want. What’s more, you should also list the methods you will use to make your goals come true.

Write down not only your goals, but also detailed plans on how to reach your goals and the desired outcome.

2. By writing down your goals, you eliminate possible distractions

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When you have notes regarding your goals, you focus your energy and mind on achieving those goals. You will find it easier to get rid of distractions around you.

3. By writing down your goals, you can evaluate your progress every single day


If you write down your goals, you can see those goals every single day to evaluate whether you have made some progress. If you think you are progressing slowly, maybe you can find another method that will be more effective in helping you to get closer to your goals.

4. By writing down your goals, you will always be motivated and have the fire to achieve the goals you have not achieved yet

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Everything is clear when you have notes. If one goal is reached, there are still other goals. If you have notes, you will always be motivated and have the fire to do your best to achieve the other goals.

5. Writing down your goals makes you more committed in realising your goals


Commitment is a must if you want to succeed in everything you do. Without commitment, all is in vain. The goals on your notebook remind you that you cannot do things half-heartedly, you cannot make excuses because what’s written is written.

6. And finally, when all your goals have been achieved, you will get the satisfaction from crossing out every single goal, you can go to celebrate your success


Life is not easy. To taste success, we should work hard, and inevitably, we sometimes fail. However, because every day you see your goals, you don’t give up easily. In the long run, your determination and hardwork contribute to your success in achieving your goals.

Knowing that you can eventually cross out all your achieved goals, you can feel the ultimate satisfaction and go celebrate.

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