If you own a restaurant, the restaurant menu should be designed as appealing as possible. What should you do to make your restaurant menu look tantalising? Just follow these six tips:

1. Put the dishes where they belong


One of the most essential tips that you should remember when it comes to restaurant menu design is menu classification. You should put the dishes where they belong, the classification should look logical.

Depending on what you offer, for example, you can arrange the dishes in logical groups, from appetisers, to main courses and finally desserts. Or, you can also divide your dishes into groups such as udon, sushi, etc.

2. Include tempting food images (if you want to)


If you decide to put some food images, make sure that the images look professional and of high quality, not pictures you take with your smartphone.

Every image you would like to display should look scrumptious and tempting enough to visitors. Also keep in mind that the real dish you serve should look exactly like the image. If it looks different, people will be disappointed because they would think you deceive them. It definitely is not good for your business.

3. Do not include currency signs


It is better if you don’t include currency signs in your menu, why? Because people tend to spend more if they do not see the currency signs everywhere in your menu, according to previous studies. So, it is best if people are not aware about how much money they spend to eat at your restaurant.

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4. Use appropriate colours


Choose colours based on the theme of your restaurant and your target audience. You may already know that colours can affect a person’s mood. What is more, colours can draw people’s attention to certain dishes.

Take a look at the example above, the menu works well for beach-side restaurants that serve summer drinks.

5. Menu should look organised and easy to read


If you want your menu to look organised and easy to read, you can simply use lines or boxes as separator between different types of dishes. If you wish to promote certain dishes, you can box them to make them stand out.

6. Choose the right typography


Last thing, you should consider about typography. Choosing the right typography will help sell more of your dishes. The use of some font types is recommended to make it easier for visitors to differentiate between dish name and dish description, for example.

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