The birth of Jesus Christ should be celebrated with joy. Here are seven awesome ways you can do to celebrate Christmas at the office:

1. All of you should wear ugly sweaters together on an arranged day


Pick a day for you and your colleagues to wear ugly sweaters together at the office. It should be fun, everyone will laugh all day long. Do not forget to take a lot of pictures. Cherish the moment.

2. Exchange Christmas gifts, be a Secret Santa


Ask colleagues to participate in Secret Santa gift exchange. Write down those interested in exchanging gifts, then each of you should draw a name. Set a limit regarding the cost of your Christmas gift. Since you become a Secret Santa, you cannot tell anyone about who gets your Christmas gift. It should remain a secret.

3. Make Christmas cookies at home and bring them to the office


It is fun to celebrate Christmas with cookies. Everyone should make Christmas cookies at home and bring them to the office on the scheduled day. Make sure that there are enough cookies for everyone participating.

4. Watch Christmas movies together at the office


There are plenty of good Christmas movies available on DVDs. If possible, you should watch them with all of your colleagues.

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5. Exchange Christmas cards

Christmas Cards - Product of
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Celebrate Christmas with beautiful messages! Exchange Christmas cards with one another. See what beautiful messages you get. Always keep them, because one day when you read them again, they will put a big smile on your face.

6. Schedule a Christmas lunch/dinner


Everything seems to be more fun when food is around. Schedule a Christmas lunch or dinner. Together is a wonderful place to be, someone once said. Christmas is all about togetherness and joy.

7. Organise a contest

1000 Ideas About Christmas Cubicle Decorations On Pinterest

One more, you can organise a contest to celebrate Christmas. For example, every person at the office should decorate their own cubicle, and see whose cubicle is the best. The winner of the contest will get a cool gift.

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