As a graphic designer, did you ever feel like you didn’t have any inspiration at all for your next graphic design? What did you do then when you were stuck? Here are 7 sources of inspiration for graphic designers in case you get stuck:

  • Culture of other countries

Inspiration can come from all kinds of sources, including culture of other countries. Be open to other culture, you may be inspired!

  • Architecture


Architecture is not only about constructing the physical structure of a building, but it’s also about making us amazed. There are a lot of extraordinary buildings out there. All you have to do is paying attention.

  • Magazines and print ads


Print materials, such as magazine and print ads, are traditionally known to provide great visual inspiration. They are the classic source of inspiration. Flip through the pages of a magazine (or some) and look at the awesome graphics printed on the glossy pages.

  • Social media and websites

You can also find inspiration online through social media and websites. Tumblr and Pinterest are excellent sources for great graphics. As for websites, go look for websites with interactive designs or those that offer sources of inspiration.

  • Other graphic designers

Design inspiration may also come for other graphic designers. Take a look at their graphics, see what’s so good about them. They could inspire you to create your own creative design.

  • Experiments

Don’t be afraid to play or experiment with design. For example, you can experiment with colour palettes and typography. Find out what works and what does not. You can also check out what colours are trending at the moment to keep up with the latest trend.

  • Fresh air

fresh air

Last but not least, fresh air can help you get the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Take a break, go for a short walk and get some fresh air. Maybe it’s all that you really need.