Did you ever feel hungry in the middle of the day but you did not want to feel guilty so you waited until it was time for dinner? Now you do not have to feel guilty anymore. Here are eight healthy and delicious snacks you can (should) eat every day:

1. Edamame

cemilan sehat edamame

Want to keep your energy levels steady? Then you should eat edamame, the yummy green soybean. You can eat them plain, but if you do not like plain, you can sprinkle a bit salt on your edamame.

2. Banana

cemilan sehat pisang

Banana is easy to bring and eat. You can simply put one in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. If you are really hungry, eat one or two bananas, and you’ll feel great soon.

3. Tomato juice

cemilan sehat jus tomat

If you don’t really like eating tomatoes, you can make some tomato juice. Why tomato juice, not other juices? Because there is less sugar in tomate juice compared to other juices. You should drink 100% tomato juice, don’t add sugar.

4. Almonds

cemilan sehat almond

A small handful of almonds is good for your body. Just eat a small handful, because almonds are high in calories.

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5. Greek yogurt

cemilan sehat yogurt yunani

Greek yogurt has become very popular in recent years. Healthy and tasty, two great things that greek yogurt has to offer. Consuming greek yogurt daily is recommended, but remember that it should be the plain one.

6. Dark chocolate

cemilan sehat coklat pahit

If you feel the urge to indulge yourself without having to feel guilty, dark chocolate is your answer. Dark chocolate is delicious, and it is healthy too. Dark chocolate is known to reduce heart disease risk as it contains at least 60% cocoa.

7. Protein bars

cemilan sehat protein bar

Protein bars are quite fulfilling. Always take some with you anywhere you go. When the hunger attacks, grab some and enjoy.

8. Frozen grapes

cemilan sehat anggur beku

Grapes are delicious, and they are even more delicious when frozen. They are easy to eat and are great to satisfy your sugar cravings.

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