Are you planning to travel alone? There is nothing to worry about. But of course there are things you should pay attention to when traveling by yourself. Here are eight important tips for solo travellers:

1. Plan your journey long before you depart

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Everything should be planned in advance as to avoid things going wrong during your trip. Think about all necessay things, including small things that you consider less important.

Remind yourself that you are not traveling with your loved ones. In case you encounter difficulties, it would not be easy to find people who want to help. Write down your plan in a book or notepad. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about everything related to your destination, such as culture, safety and emergency numbers.

2. Try to arrive during the day


Daytime is always better than nighttime. If you can find a noon arrival schedule, choose it if possible.

3. Stay connected with family and friends


Keeping contact with family and friends when you are far away is important. Let them know you are fine and your location whenever you are connected to wifi, so they will not worry about you.

4. Do not forget to always carry the essentials


Wherever you set out, always carry your essentials, such as travel documents and cash. Also, do not forget to write down the name of the place you are staying at (in local language), just in case.

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5. Pack smart


Do not travel solo unless you are independent enough. There will be noone to help bring your luggage, well there may be but you have to add more to your budget. Wouldn’t it be better if you pack smart? Simply bring important and useful things only. Do not bring a very big luggage. Comfort is very important when you are traveling solo.

6. Learn to take your own pictures


Because you don’t have any friends or family members to help take pictures for you, it would be a great idea to learn to take pictures all by yourself before arriving at your destination. It would be troublesome if you need to ask strangers to help you everytime you want to take pictures.

7. Avoid going to rather quiet and dark areas at night


When you are traveling alone, stick to the principle that the more visible you are, the safer. Even during the day, avoid quiet places. At night, avoid dark places.

8. Always stay alert and be fully aware


The last important thing that you should never forget is that you should stay alert at all time. Do not trust anybody easily. Always pay attention to your surrounding and what’s going on.

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