Lovers normally getting married in a building. Bored with buildings? Here are eight most unique and awesome wedding venues in the world:

1. Treehouse


Don’t be surprised, you can really get married in a treehouse. Just browse the internet, and find your perfect treehouse.

2. Air balloon


Or, if you are not afraid of height, you can tie the knot in an air balloon. Very romantic, isn’t it, to marry your lover in midair?

3. Cave


Another really unique and cool wedding venue that you can reserve for your wedding day is a cave. Impress the guests by getting married in a cave!

4. Museum


If you love everything related to the history, go get married in a museum. Not a lot of people want to get married in a museum. Be different.

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5. Glacier


Glacier is a unique wedding venue. Let all the ices become the witness of your wedding.

6. Roller coaster


If you and your boyfriend love something that gets your adrenaline going, it would be an excellent idea to get married on a roller coaster.

7. Castle


Getting married in a castle is really awesome, isn’t it? You and your boyfriend are like a princess and a prince having a royal wedding. You can go to Europe if you want to get married in a castle.

8. Public park


The last one, public park is also a great choice. Nature lovers will definitely love getting married in a park with splendid view.