Every country has its own culture and customs, and food etiquette is no exception. Here are eight most unique food etiquette rules from countries around the world:

1. Burping is a compliment in Egypt


People in the western countries consider burping while eating as an improper behaviour. But it’s totally different in Egypt. If you are burping, the Egyptians will think of it as a compliment. Burping shows that you love their food.

2. Slurping loudly soup and noodles would not be a problem in Japan


If slurping is regarded impolite in other countries, in Japan it is totally okay. You can slurp, loudly if you want to. The louder your slurps, the more delicious the food is.

3. Never order a cappuccino after you eat


The Italians never order a cappuccino after a meal because to them, milk slows digestion. If you want to drink coffee after you eat, you can order an espresso or other coffee without milk. If it is not a problem for you to be branded as a tourist, you may order a cappuccino. But if you do not want people to find out that you are a tourist in Italy, never oder a cappuccino after a meal.

4. All foods are served together in one huge plate in Ethiopia


The Ethiopian people, especially in family, love serving different foods in a huge plate. To them, one big plate is more efficient than many small plates.

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5. Women are not allowed to ask for spoon in Nigeria


If you are a woman and you are in Nigeria, within the area of Kagoro tribe to be exact, you are not allowed to ask for a spoon. Why? The Kagoro tribe believes that spoons will cause insurgency.

6. Eat with right hand only if you visit middle east


When you visit middle east, remember to eat with your right hand. The reason? Left hand is considered dirty as it is used to clean body parts. But what if you are left handed? You probably would starve to death there.

7. Do not flip fish in China


Flipping fish means bad luck in China. A flipped fish is like a capsized fishing boat. So, when you are in China and you eat with the locals, remember not to flip the fish served on the table. Then, what should you do if you want to eat the other side of the fish? Remove all the bones first, then you can get to the other side. That’s how you eat fish in China.

8. Never eat with a fork in Thailand


Eating your food with a fork is considered impolite to the people of Thailand. So, what you should do is eating by a spoon. A fork is only a helper, it will help push your food onto your spoon.

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