Soon we all will welcome a new year, that is 2017. Have you printed your 2017 calendars? If you haven’t, there is still time to design and print your calendars. Here we present you nine creative and inspiring calendar design ideas:

desain kalender - cetak kalender murah

1. Calendar that looks like a toaster


Toast calendar is very unique. If you have no idea about calendar design, you don’t have to think hard anymore. Just make a toast calendar, not very difficult.

2. Three-dimension calendar


Another unique calendar design is a three-dimension calendar. Making this kind of calendar is not complicated. You can choose whatever shape you want for your three-dimension calendar.

3. Calendar that resembles animals


The third one is calendar that resembles animals. If you are interested, you can choose 12 animals for your calendar. One animal for each month.

4. Snake calendar


A calendar that creeps like a snake is also a nice idea. If you like this one, simply follow and make some necessary changes.

5. Cute calendar


People love cute design, especially women. Design your calendar as cute as possible, and people will fall in love with your calendar.

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6. Bottle calendar


Bottle calendar is one of the very creative calendar design ideas.

7. Calendar with awesome illustration


You can also use illustration for your calendar. But of course, the illustration should be awesome, not something ordinary.

8. Calendar with animal constellation theme


You love something related to constellation? Use it as the theme of your calendar. Any objects can be used as constellation. But make sure that you never forget about consistency. If you choose animal, for example, the overall calendar should be about animal constellation.

9. Calendar that serves delicious foods or drinks


A great calendar is one that can make people drool, like this no. 9 calendar. Look at the images, the foods and drinks look very appetising. You can apply a food theme to your calendar, particularly if you are a restaurant owner or run a culinary business.