Some of you may not have any idea about what is. That is alright, because we are here to tell you. So here is a little bit about us (

  • is an online printing company from Indonesia with complete facilities. The company was established approximately five years ago under the name (you might have heard about this one). As we are evolving, we decided that it is finally time for a rebranding. It is our goal to become the printer of choice that can be the solution for each customers needs and difficulties that are related to printing. We are confident that we can satisfy our customers by providing excellent customer services supported with experienced staff, complete facilities and superb system and technology.
  • Our store website,, is currently under development. Please be patient, the website is planned to be publicly availabe in June 2016. When it is finally available, go check it out. We believe you will love our awesome products.
  • But if you are curious and cannot help it, for now you can visit our blog at We have a collection of interesting articles for you, and we hope you will enjoy reading the articles.

Well that is a bit about us. Do not forget to visit our blog page while waiting for our store website to launch.