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Romance…you don’t have to wait until 14 February to celebrate love. If you are head over heels for your partner every day, why wait? Why not expressing that intense feeling you have for her or him? There are many ways to express love. For example, you can write poems, make scrapbooks and send flowers with cards.

If you decide to do so, we will tell you how to add romantic elements so that your poems, scrapbooks or cards won’t look plain. Here are what you have to include in your design to make it romantic:

Romantic colours

Did you ever hear about colour psychology? Basically, every colour has its own meaning and can affect people’s mood in an instant. Colour psychology is the reason why it is important to coordinate the right colours together in graphic design, fashion design and interior decoration, for example. Okay, enough with this little theory. So, if you want your partner to know how much you love and care about them, what colours should you choose? Among the selection of colours available, these colours are considered to be romantic:

  • Purple. Among all colours, purple is considered to be the most feminine. Purple expresses passion and romance. If you are a man, you can use the purple colour to keep up that romantic spirit in your girlfriend.
  • Red. If purple is the most feminine colour, red is the most popular romantic colour. You can see red roses, red candies and red hearts everywhere on Valentine’s Day.
  • Pink. Just below red, there is pink, the gentlest romantic colour. Pink displays innocent love and affection. The pink colour would be an excellent choice for relatively new couples.
  • Yellow. It is a sunny and cheerful colour. Yellow demands attention and is a very powerful colour as it represents the sun. If red, pink and yellow are compared, yellow appears to be less popular. Yellow, however, is perfect if you want to praise the beauty of your other half.
  • White. This colour suggests innocence and purity. White is a quite popular colour to be used in expressing love.
  • Blue. Blue is identic with peacefulness and tranquility. See the sky and the ocean, they are all blue. What’s more, blue also symbolizes trustworthiness. If you want to prove your honesty to your beloved, then blue is the perfect choice.

Romantic Fonts

Some of the most popular romantic fonts include Castro Script, Courier New, Brannboll and Ever After. There are plenty of references for romantic fonts on the internet. Just choose the one you like.

romantic fonts

Romantic Items

Romantic design is not complete without adding some romantic items. A selection of romantic items that you can choose include hearts, flowers and petals, sweets, bear, candles, chocolate and pictures of both of you.

romantic items