To all university students out there, did you every worry about your future? Did you ever think to yourself: What if noone wants to hire me? Will I secure my dream job? What if my academic excellence is not enough?


Well, it is not that we want to frighten you. But, if you have never contemplated about it, you should start thinking about it. If you have, what can you do then to be the person that is desired by every employer?

This is when you must think like the person who wants to hire you, think from their perspective. If you were to hire an employee, what kind of employee are you looking for? Is it someone who is academically excellent? Or is it someone that does not necessarily have to be the top in their class but they have considerable and relevant experience that your company needs? What would your ideal employee be?

We are about to tell you the must-have attributes that every employer looks for when they post a job vacancy. We suggest you to read all the attributes thoroughly so that you can start preparing yourself and when the time comes, you will make all employers fall in love with you. The more choices you have the better, right?

Brilliant resume and portfolio

Your resume is your first impression. People say you only get one shot to create a strong impression. Employers can gain detailed insights about you through your resume. Will they be impressed if you boast only your academic achievement? Maybe, but they will be more impressed with those who can also display their skills and experience in things other than academic excellence. Of course, a brilliant resume must be supported with a brilliant portfolio. The question is now arising… how can you provide a brilliant portfolio if you lack experience?

That is why we decided to post this article. We want you to have considerable professional experience of writing by offering you the opportunity to become an author for And now you are wondering what kind of opportunity is offering and whether the opportunity is a golden one. Well, we have an image at both the top and the bottom of this article that you can click to find out more about the opportunity if you are curious enough. But if not, that would be fine too. It is your call. Choices are free, right?

The right skills and experience

Again, if you were the employer, would you prefer to hire someone with or without the right skills and experience? Consider the time and money you will have to spend to train a complete newbie. The good news is that the right skills and experience can be obtained through practice. If you wish to be a great copywriter, you must write and read a lot. By becoming an author for, you can practise and improve your writing skills. Remember that practice makes perfect.

Appealing online personal brand

Social media and networking can bring about positive effects on your career if you know how to make use of them smartly. Let the public know about your impressive record of achievement, great skills and valuable experience. Nowadays, many employers search for their ideal candidates online. So, they can find you easily online to see whether you make the perfect candidate for them or not.

Positive attitude

Last but not least, positive attitude is very important in both personal and professional relationships. You cannot succeed without positive attitude. If you decide to write for, challenges will await you. It is not easy to become a good writer. It will take some time to do your research before you start writing. When you have finally finished a piece of article, you might be asked to revise it for a few times before it can be published. But by maintaining a positive attitude all the time, you will surely beat off all the challenges and become a tough person, which is a good quality that proves your ability to overcome any difficulties coming your way.