A lot of people out there feel unhappy with their own lives. They say they face many problems every day. But actually, being happy is simple. We are about to tell you how to be happy. All you have to do is following these eight simple ways:

1. Do nothing for approximately two minutes

You are a busy person, we get that. But you have to admit that sometimes you feel so sick of doing whatever it is you are doing everyday, right? The solution, do nothing for approximately two minutes. Pay attention to what happens after. Nothing much changes, right? You still have your job, your friends are still there. Actually, happiness is simple.

2. What activity makes you forget other things? Do it at least once a day

You will be happy when you do what you love doing. What activity makes you forget everything around you? Do it at least once a day. Let yourself be happy.

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3. There is always something to be thankful for every single day

In order to be happy, never forget to be grateful. There must be something beautiful that you experience every day, no matter how small it is. Before you close your eyes to sleep, whisper your reason for being grateful today. You will feel more enthusiastic about welcoming tomorrow.

4. Be committed to doing at least one meaningful thing for other people

Doing something nice makes you happy. When you see other people happy, you will feel happy too. There are many good things you can do in this world, one of them is doing something meaningful for others. Help those in need. Be committed to doing at least one meaningful thing for other people every day.

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5. Make health your priority

Health is number one. Without health, life is nothing. Make health your priority. Exercise regularly and watch your diet.

6. Accept yourself as you are

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7. Indulge yourself

There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself. Do it often. Small things that make you happy, what are they? Sweets maybe?

8. Get rid of people who bring out the worst in you

Maybe all this time you are not happy because you let the wrong people come into your life. Do you have friends who keep hurting you, making you sad, angry or disappointed? It’s time to get rid of them. Your life will certainly be more beautiful without them. It’s no use if you keep on keeping them in your life. Your own happiness is what matters the most, remember that.

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