When it comes to business card design, avoid making these four common mistakes:

1. Choosing a unique font


One of the important elements with regards to business card design is font. The font type you choose should be readable. You want to impress people with your business card, right? If yes, you should not choose a weird font for your business card.

2. Tacky design


Next, you should make sure that the design of your business card is not tacky, just to avoid the confusion people will feel when they see your business card. It is best if your business cards looks very professional.

3. Including too much information in a business card


Moreover, you should also remember to include only important information. A business card that is packed with too many words will not impress people. As soon as they get your business card, they will throw your business card away because they see too much information.

4. Choosing uncommon business card size

business card design

The last thing you have to pay attention to when designing your business card is that you should not choose uncommon business card size. We understand that you want to look different, but it does not have to come from the size of your business card. If your business card size is not normal, it will be troublesome for people because they don’t know where to keep your business card.

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