Christmas is a religious event people look forward to celebrating every December. During Christmas celebration, people love exchanging gifts. If your office does the same thing, you can give one of these 10 inexpensive Christmas gifts to your colleagues. They will absolutely love your Christmas gift!

1. Chocolate or cookies


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Most people will be happy if they get a large box of chocolate on Christmas day. But, if your colleague loves cookies more, give them cookies. Their Christmas will be sweeter with the accompaniment of chocolate or cookies.

2. Mug or glass with gold initial


Give your colleague a mug or a glass to help them get through their days at the office. To make it more special, find one with their initial. Gold is a great colour.

3. Handmade Christmas ornaments


Or, you can make plenty of Christmas ornaments and give them to your colleague as their Christmas gift.

4. Ramen cooker


Some people claim that ramen is a life saver. When they are hungry, ramen becomes their food of choice. It does not take long to cook ramen. What’s more, ramen is delicious. If your colleague is a fan of ramen, or even if they are not, you can give a ramen cooker as a christmas gift. Easy and effective for them.

5. Office organiser


If your colleague’s desk is a bit of a mess, you can buy them an office organiser as their Christmas gift. The more stuffs they can keep in one organiser, the better.

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6. Handmade soap


Something handmade is always lovely. Other than Christmas ornaments, handmade soap makes a great Christmas gift.

7. Beautiful bookmarks


Beautiful bookmarks are also a nice Christmas gift. Even though your colleague is not a bookworm, it will not be a problem giving them beautiful bookmarks. If they don’t use them, they still look nice as display.

8. Cash


If you don’t have the time to buy or make your own Christmas gift, simply give cash to your colleague. But, you should be a little creative by folding the bill. Create something that is cute and unique.

9. Homemade jam


If you want your colleague to feel the warmth of Christmas, you can give them a jar of homemade jam, or maybe two or three. Buy it or make it yourself, it is totally up to you.

10. Special Christmas card with best wishes in it

Kartu Natal - Produk
Christmas Card – Product of

Sometimes giving your best wishes is more touching. Write down your best wishes for your colleague in a beautifully designed Christmas card. offers a collection of beautiful Christmas cards. Your colleague will love our Christmas card!

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