Graphic design plays a vital role in communication. A good graphic designer should be able to translate messages into meaningful and appealing graphics. Despite the crucial roles of both graphic design and designer, they are often misunderstood. Some of the myths are entertaining, while some others are annoying. What are the top myths about graphic design and graphic designers?

1.Graphic design is easy. Thus, anyone can be a graphic designer.

If you think that graphic design is as easy as pie, think again. You need training, experience, and most of all talent to be a professional graphic designer. Just because someone can play with Adobe Photoshop does not make them a graphic designer. Not only does a graphic designer live art and design, but they also breathe them. A graphic designer has to conduct research on the design industry and cultural trends in order to be well informed.

2.Graphic designers are psychics.

Reading people’s minds…it looks like an awesome superpower. Unfortunately, graphic designers do not have that superpower. They cannot read minds. Graphic designers would love to hear how you want your design done, your ideas and opinions, not some vague descriptions and uncertainties. Your graphic designer may never tell you this, but giving them something vague is totally unhelpful.


3.Graphic designers are born creative.


It may be true for a few, but not every graphic designer is born creative. Most of graphic designers out there have to work hard to develop their talents, be exposed to the right influence and environment. It takes blood, sweat and tears to be extraordinary in what you do, and this rule applies to graphic designers as well.

4.Graphic design is a simple job, so graphic designers should be cheap.

graphic designers are cheap

A lot of people seriously think that graphic design is a really simple job because all that graphic designers do is just putting images here and there and having a little touch on them, and voila! Simple, easy and quick. So, why pay a great amount of money to graphic designers for doing something really simple? Well, if you think that graphic design is really simple, why don’t you do it yourself? Why hire a graphic designer? Does it never come to your mind that graphic designers have to pay for their foods and drinks, bills and design software among other things? Graphic designers are professionals too, so pay what they deserve.

5.Graphic designers can do copywriting too.

You have to understand that design and writing are two totally different disciplines. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the text to go with the design; the client can write the text themselves or hire a professional copywriter, but it is not the responsibility of a graphic designer to provide copywriting or proofreading services.