It is true that food often cures more than doctors do. When you feel your worst, certain foods can truly help you recover. What is the best food or drink to have when you are either fatigue, having constipation, feeling stressed, having a headache, hungover, having a fever, or nauseous? See the answer below:

1. When you are extremely exhausted


There are a lot of factors that cause fatigue, so there could be more than one type of food as your medicine. But one thing for sure, when you are exhausted, you need something to boost your energy. What’s the best food to increase your energy? Salmon, because it’s rich of minerals, vitamins and omega 3s. You can top your grilled salmon with chopped vegetables. Also, don’t forget to drink water because dehydration sucks.

2. When having constipation


Constipation is usually caused by a lack of fiber in your body. Eat something rich of fiber, such as oatmeal with fiber-rich fruits as toppings. You can also drink hot lemon water to help you solve the problem.

3. When you are stressed

chamomile tea

Chamomile and mint herbal teas are the best drinks to relieve stress. When you feel that drinking a cup is not enough, drink more until your nervous system is calm. Don’t drink or eat something that is high in sugar or trans fats.

4. When having a headache

lentil soup moroccan

Lentil soup, the Moroccan one, is the best food you can have when having a headache. Add some spices such as cinnamon and turmeric into the soup. The best thing about eating a bowl of soup when you are having a headache is that you can just swallow it without having to chew it.

5. When you are hungover

coconut water

The best cure for a hangover is something more than just water. Coconut water is best, but you can also have sports drink to help restore your rehydration levels.

6. When having a fever

chicken soup

When you are having a fever, your body are burning more calories than usual. That’s why you need to eat foods packed with nutrients to recover quickly. The best way to beat a fever is by consuming plenty of fluids. Chicken soup or poultry broth is the best food you can have when having a fever. In addition, you can also drink water, hot tea or 100% fruit juice.

7. When you are nauseous

ginger tea

Sooth your digestive system with ginger tea and soon your nausea will be gone. In addition to ginger tea, you can have steamed brown rice or bananas, they are good for your digestion.