Everyone can write a story or an article, but not everyone can write it well. It is not easy to write awesome articles because it requires creativity, effort and patience among other things. But difficult does not mean impossible. We provide you tips so you can write great articles:

  • Planning. The first step is always planning. When you are well-planned, everything is likely to be in order. When it comes to writing a blog post, you have to first think and plan before you start writing. The planning stage includes choosing your topic and setting the boundaries. Choose a topic that interests you; if you do not like what you are writing, how can you expect your readers to like your post? What about the boundaries? After you have your topic, you have to narrow it down as much as possible. Do not forget to make an outline for your post, outline should be clearly written to avoid confusion.
  • Research. Carry out your own research on the topic that you want to write. You should know that professional and popular bloggers are not super, they do not know all things about all topics. They also do comprehensive research before they sit down and write, and that is what you have to do too.
  • The writing begins. When you already have the knowledge and facts (make sure you have checked all the facts), you can start writing. Start to write according to the plan you had previously made. Use plain and simple language for a clear and understandable post. Also, keep your paragraphs short and concise. Readers find long paragraphs boring and they will find another post to read instead.
  • Details matter. Do not make ridiculous spelling mistakes. As an author, you must know the difference between their and there, hear and here, form and from, and so on. Also, avoid using textese as textese is not appropriate for blog posts. If you use textese, your blog will not be easy to read.
  • Images. To make your post more interesting, you have to include some pictures in your article. Images make your post less intimidating and more appealing. Blog posts are totally different from textbooks…textbooks sometimes have pictures too!
  • Time for editing. Now that you are finally done writing your piece, it is time for editing. And guess what, if writing a post is difficult, editing a post is more difficult. Editing is not only about correcting typos and fixing grammar mistakes, but also about seeing the post as a whole. You have to check the flow and whether your piece is cohesive enough. Pay attention also to repetition in the text. In case you find any repetition, try to find another word for replacement to avoid repeating yourself.


  • Asking for feedback. After completing your article, have two or three of your friends read your article; they may provide you with useful feedback.
  • Submission. You can now submit your article if you have done every single thing mentioned above.

Practice makes perfect, always hold on to that principle. It is okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them in the future. Keep practising and you will become a pro before you know it.