sleeping and creativityRegular and effective sleeping is known to provide plenty of benefits including improved health and wellbeing, better mood and weight control. Sleep is so powerful that there is advice for all of us to sleep on it when we have to make a tough decision. But do you know that taking a nap can also boost your creativity? You may be wondering the relationship between sleeping and creativity; are they really related to each other?

Let us tell you that sleeping is not like what most people think: that when you are sleeping, your brain is sleeping too, just like a computer. The statement is not correct, because sleeping enhances your performance, memory and of course, creativity; your brain is doing something productive.


According to previous research, sleep successfully assists your brain in making connections between memories and ideas that are unrelated at all to each other. By making the connections, the possibility of getting a new creative idea or inspiration will increase.

During sleep, people sometimes also lucid dream. What is lucid dreaming? It is the moment when the dreamer is aware that it is dream they are experiencing. There are these lucid dreaming techniques that can be learned, so that people can control their dreams. Lucid dreaming can help boost your creativity in that you can explore new and fresh possibilities freely for there are no prevailing rules of reality.

And now when you are about to wake up from sleep, you are undergoing a state called the hypnopompic state. During this state, your brain is rich of imagery from the dreams you had. That is why a lot of creative people claim that inspiration comes during a waking period. Reports say that people give the best results of their work immediately after they wake up.

To sum up, sleep is not only good for your health but also your brain. So if you wish to be more creative, you could use a nap or two in addition to your regular sleep.