Imagine your life without colours… what would you feel? Bored, sad or maybe depressed? That is why we are so thankful for the existence of colours because they make our lives colourful, exactly what they are supposed to do.


Yes, we love colours! But do you know that colour choice can very much affect marketing and branding? Why very much? Because colours can change our mood, which means that when potential customers see the colours you use for your ads, their mood can be affected instantly. If customers perceive your ads positively, your brand and company create good impression. The possibilities of potential customers to purchase your products and/or services and of existing customers to return will be higher. You should be aware that it is not only about logic and budget when it comes to making decision whether to purchase.

The psychology of colour suggests that different colours arouse different emotions. When people see bright colours that indicate warmth, such as yellow, orange, pink and red, they will get the feeling of friendliness. These colours also promote a sense of energy and courage.

What about bright colours that display coldness? Silver, azure and lavender are included in this category. According to research, cold bright colours give a sense of freshness and calmness. These colours are commonly used for products that promote health and beauty.

Moving on to dark colours, similar to bright colours, they are also categorized into two types. Warm dark colours, such as purple, gold and brown, showcase elegance, luxury and class, while cold dark colours indicate quality, stability and solidity. These cold dark colours are not usually used as the main colours but rather as the accompanying colours because they emphasize content. Products that usually use cold dark colours are computer, science and automotive.

Some colours, such as black, grey and white, are considered neutral. They are commonly used to complement other colours because of their neutral characteristic.

Though we cannot stereotype, it is true that certain emotions are generally associated with certain colours. Therefore, when you want to advertise something, you might want to consider this colour psychology.