We are human, it is normal to feel angry. But, we cannot let anger win all the time, we cannot let anger control us. We are the ones that have to control it. So how to control anger? Here are nine simple tips that you can do daily:

1. Breathe and take a break

control anger

The very first way of how to control anger, before trying to do anything else, is by breathing deeply, in and out. Take control of your body.

Next, you can also take a break. You do know that timeouts do not apply for kids only. Allow yourself to get some short breaks during the times when you tend to be stressful, which stimulates anger. Sometimes quiet time is what you need to clear and cool your mind.

2. Calm yourself

calm yourself - controlling anger

Imagine something you like, something that makes you calm. When you feel angry, try to visualise it until you feel calm. Once you are calm, you can express your anger, but express it clearly and directly without saying things that hurt other people.

Remember to think before you speak because once it comes out of your mouth, you cannot take it back.

3. Drink some water

drink some water - controlling anger

Your body will be calm when you drink some water. So whenever you start to feel angry, go get some water and drink it. A really simple way of how to control anger.

4. Exercise

exercise - controlling anger

Research has shown that physical activities can help you reduce stress, which may be the cause of your anger. You don’t have to do heavy exercises. Just go for a run or a brisk walk whenever you feel that your anger is escalating.

5. Meditate

meditation to control anger

Train your mind through meditation. Draw out your inner wisdom, reject negative thoughts. If you have a trained mind, you will be able to handle any kind of situation rationally and with grace.

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6. Laugh more often

laugh more often - controlling anger

Laughing is great for your body. You need to laugh more often. Find reasons to do so.

7. Think about your triggers

think about your triggers - controlling anger

Find time to sit down and reflect. Think about all activities that are most likely to trigger your anger. It could be anything. Make a promise to yourself that you will do your best to eliminate all the triggers. You only live once, so live happily.

8. What is your passion?

channel anger into passion

Another way of how to control anger is by channeling your anger into your passion. Passion is an awesome thing. You need to have passion in living your life, otherwise your life would be meaningless.

Although different from passion, anger can be channeled the same way. You can start using your anger to be more productive, to create something.

9. Help other people

help other people - controlling anger

It feels so good when you help other people without thinking about yourself. For example, you can spend time in a cafe with a friend, listen to their problems. Foster healthy relationships with others.

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