Designing a logo is simple and easy, that’s what most people think. Well, if you think so, then think again. There’s more that goes into the process of designing a logo. It’s not only about putting a name in a circle,a triangle, a square or whatever the shape is and it’s done.

The logo of your company should be really good to make impression. Your logo will play an extremely crucial role in your business. A customer’s brand perception, purchase decision and overall attitude can all be affected by one thing, that is your logo.

There are several important things that you have to pay attention to when designing a logo so that it will not suck:

  • Your logo should look different and smart

If you want your customers to remember and be able to distinguish your brand quickly from competitors, then it is a must to have a different but smart logo. You may not be able to create something that is truly original, but don’t be the same from the rest out there. Be creative, be out of the box.

  • Colour is vital

colour importance

Every colour carries different meaning, communicates ideas and can affect people’s mood in an instant. As such, the colour palette makes one of the important factors to consider when designing a logo. Depending on the purpose, various cases may require various versions of your logo. One thing to remember, never forget to consider what your logo will be used for.

  • What does your brand convey?


A logo must have a story, every good logo does. The meaning behind a logo doesn’t have to be obvious, but a logo must be meaningful. Take an example of the arrow of the FedEx logo that indicates moving forward and making deliveries. So, think about what your brand conveys and put it in a story in the form of a logo.

  • Keep your logo simple

Your logo does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple but powerful. Nike logo, for example, is very simple but people will remember it forever. Keep in mind that there is a difference between simple and boring. Your logo should be simple, not boring. Take time to go that extra mile to think about this one.

  • Active or passive?

In general, it is much more interesting to see an active logo instead of a passive one, both visually and conceptually. So make your logo as active as possible, as long as it’s not too much.