Designing a mascot, especially a great one, is never easy. When people see an awesome mascot design, they see a composition of superb ideas. It takes creative imagination to design a great mascot that is able to touch the hearts and minds of people and stay there forever.

But how to design a great mascot? What does it take to create a mascot that is loved by a lot of people? Here we tell you how:

  • Painstaking research. To design a mascot, you have to start with something. What is that something? An idea. But how to get it? By doing painstaking research. In order for you to be able to design a memorable and loved mascot, you have to understand both your client and the customers of your client. What concept does the client want the mascot to represent? What about the target customers or market? You have to think about these points very carefully before you start to sketch. Do not forget about the mascot criteria determined by your client.
  • The sketch. When you have got all the necessary and important answers, you can move on to the next phase, that is the sketch phase. It is better for you to start simple. This means simple shape and simple expression, and you sketch it by hand, with pencil and on paper.
  • Taking your sketch to the next level. If you are confident with your sketch, you can go on to the next phase of your mascot design. You can start making more complex shape and expressions and colouring. Before you start colouring your mascot, think about outline. Will your mascot have outline or not? Will your mascot look better with or without outline? Then, consider whether you want flat colour or gradients for your mascot. For a more traditional look, choose flat colour. But if you want a more stylish look, go for gradients.
  • Character development. Develop the character of your mascot based on the criteria from your client. Also, pay attention to details. For example, how the eyes of your mascot work, does your mascot need something on its hands and legs?
  • Delivery. You are at the final stage here, you are ready to submit your mascot design to your client. Take time to review the criteria, colour, details, expressions…basically you have to review everything prior to submission.

Remember that when it comes to designing a mascot, you have to take some time to explore possibilities. Be open to ideas from other people!