You love outdoor activities, but you are not very enthusiastic about doing them because there are insects who are ready to attack you. The good news is, there are ways to drive them away. So how to keep insects away from you as far as possible?

1. What is the scent of your body?

your body scent

Did you ever wonder why insects are only attracted to certain people? Because of that intense smell those people have. The intense smell may be caused by deodorants, perfumes or soaps. So, if you want to stay outdoor to do some activities, it is best to choose products without any scent at all, just during the days you are going to do your outdoor activities.

2. Natural mint mouthwash is a great idea

keep insects away

Insects hate mint smell, that’s why you should take the advantage of it. Spray on yourself some mint mouthwash, it’s better if you have a favourite. But remember that the mint mouthwash should be a natural one.

3. Look for a high and dry site

how to keep insects away: dry site

According to people who love outdoor activities, the most annoying insect is mosquito, the animal who loves sucking our blood. You know that mosquitoes like being in wet or damp places, so if you don’t want the presence of mosquitoes, you should go look for a high and dry site to do your outdoor activities. Timing is everything, so time wisely.

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4. Bring garlic with you

how to keep insects away: bring garlic

How to keep insects away? With garlic. It’s true. Not only will garlic drive away vampires, but it also keeps away bugs. It won’t smell so good, but which one do you prefer, good smell or not being disturbed by insects? Adding some garlic to your meal won’t hurt, promise.

5. Wear something light

how to keep insects away: wear light clothing

Insects, especially mosquitoes, tend to be attracted to dark clothing. It’s a great idea to wear light clothing so that insects will not come to you. Also, since it is hot in the summer, it’s not a good idea at all to wear something dark.

6. Trap those annoying insects!

dead insect

The last way to make sure that those insects will not annoy you anymore is by trapping them. It’s not difficult to make an insect trap and the materials needed to make it are super cheap. There are a lot of websites that tell you how to make an insect trap.

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