You love traveling? Good. But when you are traveling, do you want to look like a tourist or a local? Most travellers want to look like the local people of the city they are visiting. The question is, how to look like a local when traveling?

1. Study the map

how to look like a local when traveling study the map

Before you arrive in your destination city, it is best to study the map of the city first. Get yourself familiar with local landmarks and street names. Don’t get lost.

2. Download local applications

download local apps

Local applications, especially applications for public transportation and local restaurants, are useful if you don’t want to look like a tourist. But before you download an application, pay attention to what people say about the app. This is to avoid getting incorrect information. When you are traveling, timing is everything.

3. No tour packages

no tour package

Forget tour packages, they are not local at all. Go by yourself, take public transportation. Do what the local people do.

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4. Explore with a local

explore with a local

Another way of how to look like a local when traveling is by exploring the city with a local or some locals. Book an adventure with a local, as they are the most knowledgeable about the city. Locals may have different perspectives on what are beatiful in their city. They will show you their favourite spots, which usually are not packed with tourists.

5. Don’t stay in hotel

don't stay in a hotel

If you are staying in a hotel, you miss the chance of feeling like a local. Forget hotels, stay in a local house or rent a room in an apartment. The chance you meet other locals and live like them is higher.

6. Eat and drink like the locals

eat like locals

To be like a local, you must eat like the locals. It’s as simple as that. Go to a local restaurant and order local favourites. You can use the downloaded application to help you find the best local restaurant in the area.

7. Dress like the locals

dress like locals

If you want to blend in well with the locals, despite the fact that your face is different from their faces, then you have to dress like them. Dressing like the locals is a great way to be like a local when you are actually a tourist.

8. Learn some key phrases

learn few key phrases

Though English is a lingua franca, not everyone in a country where English is not the first language can speak English. That’s why it’s best if you learn and master some key phrases. This way, you’ll help yourself and feel more connected with the locals in the area.

Some important phrases that you need to learn include greetings, saying thank you and farewell, apologies, food and drink names, numbers and directions. They are not difficult to learn.

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