Everyone on Earth wants to feel appreciated, it is a natural thing. But oftentimes, we don’t show people how much they mean to us and that we appreciate things they’ve done for us. We forget that appreciation can make people feel great, that appreciation matters. How to show appreciation? Here are six simple ways you can do:

1. Write a personal note


“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

Writing a personal note is one of the best ways of how to show appreciation. Why? Simply because it is personal. You write it yourself (don’t type it) and you express your feelings sincerely.

A personal note will definitely make that person’s day and brighten up your day as well. Think about a person that you appreciate the most and leave them your personal note.

2. Be aware of absence


“Appreciate the good people around you, and make them aware of how much they mean to you.”

This is about a friend or a colleague, maybe they are sick, go on vacation or take personal leave. If it is a friend who is absent, you can call them or send them a text saying something like it is not the same without them and that you miss them so much.

If it is a colleague who does not come to work, acknowledge their absence. Let them know they were missed and that their contribution matters. People are happy when they know that other people value their efforts.

3. Show signs of affection


“If you don’t show appreciation to those that deserve it, they’ll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate.”

Signs of affection may seem trivial, but they say a lot about a person’s feelings. People can know that they are loved and appreciated when you show them signs of affection as sometimes they say a lot more than words do.

Signs of affection include a gentle pat on the back, a shoulder squeeze and a hug. So, express your love and appreciation for other people through signs of affection!

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4. Bring a small gift


“Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.”

Another way of how to show appreciation is by bringing a gift. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious one, a small gift is enough to make people smile. It never hurts to brighten up someone’s day. Or alternatively, you can make something for them, such as cooking their favourite food.

5. Verbalise it


“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”

If you really want to make sure that the person you appreciate realises how much you appreciate them, just say it to them. Let it out directly when you can’t help telling that person something nice and acknowledging their hard work.

Also, if you need something from someone, say it directly to that person. Don’t tell your request or message through a messenger. By saying it directly, you show appreciation to that person.

6. Spend time with them


“If you don’t start appreciating what’s right in front of you, you might lose it.”

Spend time with the people you appreciate and love, especially during difficult times. It will mean so much to them. People appreciate it.

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