For those of you who have kids, did you ever want to decorate your kids’ bedrooms, but have no idea about how to decorate them? Or maybe it is your kids who ask you to decorate their rooms so that they look nice and different? Here we summarise eight unique kids bedroom design ideas, your kids will absolutely love them:

1. Bedroom decoration with pink and light green colours

kamar anak warna hijau dan merah muda

A bedroom painted with pink and light green colours suits girls more than boys. It is the nature of girls to love soft colours. If you have a sweet little girl, you can try the combination of pink and light green throughout her bedroom. You can also use some other soft colours too, like light yellow and light purple.

2. Use bright and vivid colours

desain dekorasi rumah untuk anak warna ceria

Bright and vivid colours are so great for kids, both girls and boys. See the example above, yellow and orange are nice colours. Your kid’s bedroom will no longer look plain and boring.

3. Automotive theme for boys

desain dekorasi kamar untuk anak laki-laki

Boys generally love automotive. If you have a son, you can apply automotive theme as the main theme of his bedroom. Look at the above example, a car is used as the bed. There are other automotive-related objects, such as gas station and Ferrari flag to support the theme.

If you have a relatively low budget, no worries. As an alternative, you can paint your son’s bedroom blue and red, then you put some pictures of cars and motorcycles, so that whoever visits your son’s bedroom, they will soon know that the theme of the room is automotive.

4. Princess theme for girls

desain dekorasi kamar untuk anak perempuan

Girls usually love fairy tales, especially stories related to kingdom. It is common that they fantasize about being a princess who is going to marry a handsome, kind and noble prince and they finally live happily ever after.

So, if your girl is someone who loves fairy tales so much, you can try to decorate her bedroom with a princess theme.

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5. Tree house bedroom

desain dekorasi kamar untuk anak rumah pohon

Tree house is one of the unique kids bedroom design ideas that you can follow. Build a tree house for your kid to sleep in and add some decorations at the outside, such as trees and grass.

Tree house is generally made of wood. Do not forget to build some stairs so that your kid can climb easily to the tree house. It’s going to be like really living in a real tree house.

6. Bedroom with playground and secret tunnel

desain dekorasi kamar untuk anak 1

A bedroom with playing facilities is a great idea for your energetic kid. An excellent combination of playground structure for small children include stairs, a slide and a playhouse. Your child will feel happy everytime they enter their bedroom.

Or, you can also build a secret tunnel that goes directly into your kid’s room to make them happy. Secret tunnel is a very unique idea.

7. A house within a house

rumah di dalam rumah: desain dekorasi kamar untuk anak

Other kids bedroom design ideas include the concept of a house within a house. Build a small house inside your kid’s bedroom and put a bed inside it. Your kid will feel like they enter a small house within a bigger house.

8. Bedroom with adventure theme

desain kamar anak tema petualangan

If your kid is into adventure, then adventure-theme bedroom is a perfect choice. Build a bed that looks like a tent and add objects that are related to outdoor activities, and your kid will have an adventure-theme bedroom.

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