What is the most valuable asset of your company? It’s the employees. That’s why you have to make them feel special and valuable. Treat them they way they are supposed to be treated. Here are six proven ways to maintain good relationships with employees:

1. You are the boss, but don’t act like one


Your employees already know that you are the boss, you have the authority. But you don’t have to emphasise the fact by acting superior in front of your employees. Don’t make your employees feel inferior. They will be afraid of you, but they don’t respect you.

Respect is earned, not given. Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you don’t respect and appreciate your employees, how can you expect them to respect you? For example, if you come to the office and never or rarely greet your employees, don’t expect them to greet you.

2. You should be open with your employees


If you want to maintain good relationships with employees, don’t keep secrets from them, unless it is something that comes with confidentiality rules.

Trust is an important factor in building good relationships, not just with employees, but with other people in general. So, share information with them, be open.

3. Let your employees know you can depend on them


Another way to maintain good relationships with employees is by letting them know that they are accountable, make sure you tell them that you can depend on them. Give your employees clear responsibilities. Let them know that they play an important part in bringing more success to your company.

4. More positive vibes


You should spread more of positive vibes at the office. Emotions, just like a virus, are very contagious. If you spread negative emotions, such as anger and frustration, then your employees will feel the same thing too. Otherwise, if you spread good vibes, such as optimism, then there will be good energy at the office. What you feel may affect other people.

5. Ask for feedback from employees and make a real effort to change


Many leaders or bosses think they are very likable, when in reality they are not. You perceive yourself as a likeable person, but that’s only your own perception.

Try to ask for feedback from your employees, and ask them to answer honestly. You’ll be surprised to see or hear their honest answers. Next, learn to accept their suggestions and critics, don’t deny them. Make a real effort to change so you’ll be more likeable than before.

6. Just be yourself


The last advice, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t be fake. If you are a great person, your employees will love your greatness. If you have weaknesses, your employees will understand, because nobody is perfect. But you have to try to better yourself for the sake of yourself and your company.

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