There are a lot of unique foods served in countries around the world. Here are eight most unique foods eaten by people on Earth:

1. Puffer fish

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You can die from eating puffer fish that is not cooked properly. Puffer fish is one of the most venomous animals on the planet. Yet, many people love eating this unique food. In Japan, you can eat puffer fish as sashimi. Well, puffer fish is safe to eat if cooked properly. Only trained chefs are allowed to cook the fish.

2. Khash


Khash is usually eaten by people in the middle east countries, Turkey and east Europe. Khash is made up of stewed cow’s feet and head. Khash tastes delicious actually, as long as you’ve got no problems with a cow’s skull staring coldly right at you.

3. Casu Marzu


Casu Marzu is made from cheese. So, what makes Casu Marzu unusual? It is because of the live maggots inside the cheese. The maggots enhance the flavour of the food.

4. Tuna eyeball


You don’t want to look at the eyeballs at all, do you? What about eating them? You know what, the eyeballs may look disgusting, but they are actually yummy. You should try some of the tuna eyeballs, they taste good, like octopus or squids.

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5. Snake wine


This one is actually a beverage, but we put it on our list for its uniqueness. This alcoholic beverage is a mix between a snake and a wine, thus the name snake wine. Most of the snakes used for this beverage is venomous. But no worries, you will not die if you drink it because of the ethanol contained in it, which makes the beverage safe to drink. Many believe that the snake wine is good for health.

6. Kangaroo


It’s sad, isn’t it, when you see the meat of a sweet and cute animal eaten by people? That’s what happens in Australia. Some sausages, burgers and steaks are made from kangaroo’s meat. Kangaroo’s meat is classified as healthy food because it is low in fat but high in protein.

7. Balut


Animal lovers may be mad when they read about this one. This unique food is called balut. It is eaten by people in the South East Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. Why would the animal lovers be mad? Because a balut is a duck embryo that is boiled alive. It does not even hatch. People eat balut directly from its shell.

8. Cod’s sperm


The last food on our list is cod’s sperm. Though it does not look appetising at all, it tastes so soft and creamy when you bite it. Cod’s sperm is usually served steamed or fried. This food is eaten by the Japanese, you know, sushi.

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So after reading the article, what do you feel? Are you interested in trying one or maybe all the unique foods mentioned above?