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Did you ever have days where you felt like time went by too slow and your tasks seemed so boring and you were just very sick of them? Well, you are not alone. Frankly, most of us sometimes feel that way too. So how to overcome boredom at work?

1. Start your day right

start your day right

Making sure you get plenty of sleep so that you wake up naturally and have the energy to go through the day is one way to start your day right. Another way is by having the most essential meal of the day, that is breakfast.

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2. Choose a better mode of transport

mode of transport

Living in a country where the traffic is horrible is upsetting. Sometimes the boredom starts not at work but before it. This means that the road and your choice of transportation mode are two of the things that happen before work. Choose a better mode of transport for a better mood at work.

3. Stop staring at the clock


We know you’re bored, but the time will not be faster because you keep staring at the clock. Instead of looking at the clock every thirty seconds, it’s better if you focus on your tasks, set some goals and accomplish them.

4. Stop complaining and be positive


One thing for sure, complaining won’t change anything. If you keep complaining all the time, you subconsciously turn those complained things into your reality. What you can do instead is being positive, which is much better.

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5. Make your desk or cubicle more fun

fun desk

It may seem trivial but your surroundings can affect your mood. Make some changes on your desk or cubicle. Add some decorations or things that will make you comfortable and smile just by looking at them.

6. Do some exercises

You’ll be happier after doing some exercises. Since you are at work, you don’t have to do a one-hour exercise. There are plenty of exercises that you can do at the office, or even a brisk walk around the office is enough to get rid of boredom.

7. Get some new responsibilities or learn some new skills


If you are confident that you’ve accomplished all your goals for your current role, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss and try to negotiate some changes in your job. Let your boss know what kind of work you are more interested in doing. Or, you can learn some new skills to better yourself. For example, learn a new language or anything that you consider interesting when you are taking a break.

8. Take more breaks

take a break

If you are bored, you should take more breaks, seriously. Browse the web, play a game, or do something fun you like for a few minutes each break. Research has shown that taking breaks will increase productivity.

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9. Quit your job


One extreme thing that you can do if you really want to get rid of that boring job is by quitting. If you are not happy with your current job and you’ve tried everything you can to try to like it but it does not change anything, then quit and find another job that will make you happy.