Are you running business in property, such as selling houses and apartments? Attracting consumers to buy houses or apartments is definitely not an easy thing to do. One of the ways to attract consumers is by promoting your properties through media. Brochure is one of the most favourite promotion tools as it has proved to be effective in increasing sales. Brochures should be designed carefully to avoid people throwing them away. In this article we summarise some property brochure design ideas.

contoh brosur apartemen

Before you start to design, you need to consider what features must be included in the brochure. Images, plans, types as well as maps of the houses or apartments should absolutely be included in the brochure. In addition, information regarding prices, benefits and contact persons should also be included to make it easy for consumers if they are interested in buying. All information should be presented clearly and concisely.

Next, you will have to think about what theme or concept you want to convey to consumers. The following are some of the best property brochure design ideas for you:

contoh brosur properti property brochure design ideas

If you are selling properties that are integrated with nature, then green is a great choice for your brochure as nature or environment is identical with green. An example of the brochure above looks appealing.

contoh brosur rumah mewah

What kind of feeling do you get from seeing the brochure above? Elegant and classic. So, if you wish for your consumers to perceive that the houses you are offering are elegant, classic and also fresh, blue is an excellent choice. Another thing that also plays an important role in leaving that impression of elegance is the pictures you include in the brochure.

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contoh brosur rumah tepi pantai

What about this property brochure design idea? A lighter blue as background is a great choice if you are offering beach properties or properties with sea views. Design should be simple and plain.

contoh brosur rumah keluarga

If you wish to display a family theme, you can use soft colours for your brochures to showcase family warmth. For the cover of your brochure, you can use handmade drawing to emphasise warmth and love. You can use an example above for your reference.

Depending on your concept and how many properties you are offering, there are several types of brochures, such as half-fold, tri-fold and Z fold brochures. Choose one that satisfies your needs.

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