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Uprint.id an online startup company that runs its business in the printing industry, joins other startup companies to support the growth of creative industry in Indonesia. As an online based printing company supported with advanced technologies and by professional staff who understand everything about printing, we are confident that Uprint.id can provide printing solutions and help people who support the creative industry, including small and medium enterprises.

Uprint.id is not a new player in the printing industry. Uprint.id was previously Pusatpercetakan.com, a company that has run its business for approximately five years, and we eventually decided to rebrand. Uprint.id has a new logo, tagline and website to support its evolution to become an innovative printing company that provides excellent services to its customers.

In accordance with our tagline Treasure What Matters, Uprint.id endeavours to appreciate its customers by providing the ultimate satisfaction. This tagline also encourages customers to cherish what matters most to them, it could be a wedding day, a birthday celebration, beautiful time spent with your loved ones, and many more. Our logo has also changed, the letter U in the logo resembles a smiling face. We want our customers to be happy. If our customers are happy, then we are too.

Furthermore, Uprint.id has also launched a new website (Uprint.id) that functions as a medium of communication with existing and potential customers. By launching a new website, the company hopes to establish its online existence. At the moment Uprint.id provides these printing services: Art Shop, Ready to Print, Memories, Wedding, Template Designs and Packaging.


Art Shop’s products are ready-to-buy products that have been designed by Uprint.id‘s team with heart. The products include greeting cards, notebooks, sketchbooks, and a lot more.

Unlike Art Shop, Ready to Print is for customers who are still not sure about printing specifications. Therefore, Uprint.id takes the initiative to provide various specifications that customers can choose depending on needs. Ready to Print is divided into two categories, Digital Printing and Offset Printing. The differences between Digital and Offset Printing are in order quantity and finishes.


What about Memories? Just like the name says, products in Memories are related to capturing beautiful moments in life. Uprint.id encourages everyone to make precious memories as many as possible, because at the end of the day it is sweet memories that matter.


You can smell everything wedding related in the Wedding category, such as wedding invitations and guest books. Uprint.id has a mission, that is celebrating true love by ensuring that all wedding needs that are related to printing are satisfied, so that every couple in love can have the most beautiful wedding.


Template Designs are offered to customers who find it difficult to create good designs or to find a graphic designer that can make awesome designs. Uprint.id‘s team has designed plenty of cool layouts for different products. Customers who are interested in a layout from Template Designs can immediately choose that layout and upload the file they want to print.

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As mentioned above, one of the reasons that Uprint.id exists is to help small and medium enterprises. As such, Uprint.id offers a product category called Packaging. There are four menus in Packaging, namely Design Ready (designs are ready, customers simply choose their favourite designs), Template Designs (Uprint.id has provided templates and printing specifications, customers only need to provide their own designs and necessary information), Calculate & Go (printing specifications are provided by Uprint.id, designs are provided by customers) and Custom Printing (designs and printing specifications are all up to customers).

While we were still Pusatpercetakan.com, our staff had had professional experiences in serving the needs of prestigious customers, including Indosat, Hotel Mulia, BMW, Pocari Sweat. With professional experiences and modern technologies, Uprint.id becomes the solution that will satisfy the printing needs of small and medium enterprises, graphic designers and artists, corporates, art loves and other customers.