dump your client


We agree with what people say that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal, that we must do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers. But sometimes there comes a point where enough is enough; that it’s just too much and you can’t take it anymore. You have no other choice but to break up with your customer. When it happens, you don’t need to regret it because there are good reasons behind it. What are the good reasons to dump a customer?

  • Disrespectful Customer

You must definitely fire a customer when they no longer treat you with respect. If there is one principle that you should hold on to, it’s this one: any client you work with must treat you with respect. Without respecting one another, you can’t expect to have a good and solid relationship. You should not make any excuses for the customer that treats you poorly. So if you feel that a customer does not respect you, is rude to you or keeps on criticising your work without any plausible explanation, then you know that it’s time for you to end the agreement or contract.

disrespectful client

  • Broken promises

Everyone must have broken at least one promise in their lives. It is, of course, understandable when you have a really good reason for breaking your promise. However, it cannot be tolerated when a person consistently breaks the promises they made. It makes them untrustworthy. If you have a customer who loves breaking promises, then it is best for you to let them go, because at the end of the day working with a customer whose words can be trusted is extremely important.

  • You hate the work

hate the work

What’s more important to you, being paid a great amount of money or enjoying and loving what you do? There will come a time when you have to choose between money and doing what you love, and if possible you should choose to do what you enjoy doing. If you are not excited at all when the job is offered to you for the first time or if your guts are telling you to turn down the job, then trust your guts. Not everything is about money and money is not everything. After all, you have to build reputation and you need word-of-mouth recommendations. Therefore, you have to be very careful about what you want your portfolio to display. Do you want to be known for doing what you don’t like? Because people usually will hire and offer you jobs based on your portfolio.

  • Payment-related problems

It’s been stated above that not everything is about money and money is not everything. We advise you not to put money above everything else, but we do think that money is important. So, when a customer does not pay you on time consistently, refuses to pay you what you deserve or does not pay you at all (which is the worst case), then you know that you have to make the call immediately. It’s not worth it having a customer like that.

late payment