Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think that you should upgrade your style for a more attractive appearance? Or maybe you once passed by a shabby house and thought that the owner of the house should have refurbished it?

Well, it is the same with brands. There will come the time when every brand, does not matter whether it is big or small, has to redefine itself. If you own a company, then at some point you will have to rebrand too. But how do you know if it is the right time to rebrand? What are the signs?

You have an outdated logo

Back then when you just started up your business, you went to a less professional graphic designer to design a logo for your company. Now that your company is more established and continues to grow, you want a more professional logo that does not look cheesy because logo is a truly important business identity.

Your brand name is no longer relevant

Your vision changes, and that is why your current brand name stops reflecting your new vision. The message you want to convey is now different. You wish to build a new reputation with your new message.

Your brand no longer stands out from your competitors

You started a business because you wanted to be different, you wanted to stand out. If your brand is now just like every other brand out there, then you are failing. At the end of the day, being different is what matters and what is demanded by customers.

You hunger for a new audience

There is a popular saying that says that the only permanent thing in this life is change. Yesterday it was generation X, today it is generation Y, tomorrow it is generation Z. If you hunger for a new audience, then rebranding is a right decision. Redefine yourself with a new brand, new vision, new goals and new target market.