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Are you amazed by people who can remember things, even the smallest details, effortlessly? Do you wish that you could be like them too? Read until the end of the article to find out how to improve your memory.

1. Sleep more

sleeping brain

The most important of all is sleep. If there is only one way to improve memory, then it is to get more sleep. Sleep deprivation does no good to your body as well as your memory. Having enough sleep is fundamental to memory and learning. Get a regular sleep every night between seven to nine hours. But if you can’t, naps are also powerful. The total hours of sleep, however, should be seven to nine.

2. Exercise your brain

how to improve your memory brain games

Keep your brain active as to delay memory loss. Some fun activities for your brain include reading books, playing chess, doing crossword puzzles and sudoku, playing a game of solitaire and learning a new language. They are all great exercises for your brain.

3. But don’t forget physical exercise

how to improve your memory physical exercise

Physical exercise is good for both your body and brain. Make your body and brain healthy by doing some exercises, such as dancing, running, brisk walking and swimming.

4. Listen to music

listening to music

How to improve your memory? By listening to the music. Music is very powerful and helpful in recalling memories, according to research. Information that you get when you are listening to a particular song can later be recalled, if you forget it, by playing or thinking about that particular song mentally.

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5. Make time for friends and have a good laugh

make time for friends

If you are always too busy all this time, then it’s time for a change. You should make time for friendship. Go hang out with your friends, do some fun activities together. Have a good laugh with them. Enjoy your life more. Not only is good laugh key to happiness, but it is also key to improving your memory.

6. Write things down

write things down

If you are afraid of forgetting things that you want to do, there is no need to be embarrassed about writing them down. People may laugh at you, but doing it is for your own good. Writing things down can really help if you want to improve your memory.

7. No stress

no stress

Problems come and go, they are unavoidable. But you can choose not to stress out over everything all the time. When you are stressed, your blood pressure increases, your skin suffers and your immunity is suppressed. Your memory will not improve if you stress out too much, not to mention that you will age faster if you make stressing out a daily habit.


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