Are your employees important to you? Isn’t it a great idea to tell those important people how much you appreciate them? Here are six awesome ways to show appreciation to employees:


say thank you

The first way is very simple, all you need to do is saying thank you to your employees for their help. Saying thank you is the simplest yet very powerful form of gratitude.

Saying thank you implies that you pay attention to their work and you tell them how much their work matters to the company. But of course, you have to say it sincerely, because people can diffferentiate between sincere and insincere gratitude.

2. Be all ears

be all ears

Take it out of the office. It does not have to be very often, but you have to do it sometimes. Have lunch with them and talk about things not related to the office and their work.

Ask them about their passion, their dreams, their future goals. Be all ears, share your thoughts and let them know if you can help them.

Or, you can also schedule fun and engaging activities to do with them outside office hours.

Doing so will produce happier employees. Employees need to feel that they are valued and loved.

3. Let other employees know

letting other employees know

Other than expressing your gratitude personally, you can also appreciate your employees in public, such as in a team meeting. During the meeting, acknowledge those who have helped you out recently. Recognition displays appreciation. In general, people love compliments. But of course, you have to find a way to make the appreciation comes naturally during the meeting.

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4. Career opportunities

brock o hurn

Another awesome way to show your employees that you appreciate them is by finding career opportunities for them. Give them the opportunities to grow. Let them know you believe in them, that they will be able to do well in such opportunities.

5. The open door policy

open door policy

Interaction with employees is important to maintain good relationship. Chat with your employees often. Whenever possible, leave your door open. Leaving your door open and chatting casually with them show that you appreciate your employees not only as employees but also as people.

6. A treat


Bringing in a treat may sound silly and ridiculous to you, but not to your employees. For example, you can bring donuts or other little treats to show them you appreciate them. It’s as simple as that. But people appreciate little things. It is the little things that matter most.


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