Small bathrooms… they sometimes can make people feel so big that they have to lose some weight so that they can fit in there. Don’t worry, if you are one of the people who have small bathrooms, you can make your bathroom look much better by following these seven simple small bathroom design tips:

  • Choose light colours

small bathroom design tips

Light colours naturally have the power to make you happy. Light colours make you feel refreshed and give you room to breathe. Totally a good idea for a small bathroom.

  • Use a shower curtain

small bathroom design tips shower curtain

Instead of using a glass door that you have to pull and push everytime you need to take a shower, it’s better to use a shower curtain. A shower curtain saves space compared to a glass door.

  • Hang your medicine cabinet above the toilet

medicine cabinet

Another small bathroom design tips that you can follow is hanging your medicine cabinet above the toilet. It will definitely make your bathroom look more spacious.

  • Or a medicine cabinet with mirror above the sink

medicine cabinet mirror small bathroom design tips

Or as an alternative you can buy a medicine cabinet with mirror. Put a large and expanded one above your sink. This way you can make use of the other space for other purposes.

  • Go for a large-scale pattern

large scale small bathroom design tips

Why are we advising you to use a large-scale pattern for your small bathroom? Because large-scale patterns can trick your eyes into seeing space huger than it really is.

  • Open shelves for the storage of towels and other essentials

open shelves small bathroom design tips

The main concern about a small bathroom is space. Another way to make your small bathroom look nice is by using open shelves to store your towels and other essentials.

  • Simplicity is best

simple small bathroom design tips

The simpler, the better. This is a principle that people with small bathrooms have to hold on to. If your small bathroom is simple, you won’t feel overwhelmed each time you go into the bathroom, and simplicity also means elegance.

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