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Percetakan Jakarta

A small workspace sometimes may affect your mood and productivity at work. Unfortunately a lot of people get only a small workspace and yes, unfortunately they cannot choose to have a bigger one. But do you know that small workspace can look good too? Here are some small workspace design tips from us:

  • Bold colours are great

bold colour for workspace

Who says that there is not much you can do with a small workspace? You can choose bold colours to make your workspace look more interesting. If you get the permission to paint the wall of your office, then paint it with bold colour(s) of your choice. Every single inch of a small workspace is crucial, that’s why it requires great design energy and more focus.

  • Good lighting is very important

workspace lighting

Good lighting is important. Every room should have good lighting, why? Because good lighting is good for your eyes. But it does not stop there. Good lighting can lighten your mood and if your mood is lightened, then of course your focus and efficiency are going to be more enhanced.

  • Maximise vertical space

small workspace desgin tips maximise vertical space

What are others small workspace design tips that you can follow? Your space is very limited, so maximising vertical space is another one that we recommend. Using wall space as storage containers is a really great idea. Store everything you have in the containers. Try it, you’ll soon feel that your workspace is bigger.

  • Choose multi-purpose furniture

small workspace design tips multipurpose furniture

Another way to make your workspace look good and interesting is by having multi-purpose furniture. For example, if you need a printer on your desk, you can request to buy a printer that functions as a scanner as well. The next time you need a scanner, you don’t need to buy one. Depending on your needs, think about whether there is any multi-purpose furniture that can satisfy the needs.

  • Organised = happy

small workspace design tips

If you’ve tried all the above tips and your workspace still does not look good, then you are probably dealing with this problem: organisation. Your workspace will never look good if it is messy. You have to be well organised, put everything in order or in its own place. Organisation is one of the keys to happiness in the office.

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