Spain is one of the countries with the richest traditions and cultural heritages. There are many great things from this country, such as its delicious tapas, its beautiful Flamenco dance and its awesome festivals. Spain is also famous for its graphic design, many people love it. If you lack of ideas, take a look at Spanish design for inspiration. Here are four characteristics of Spanish design:

1. Red colour is used a lot


Red is likely to be the most frequently used colour in Spanish design. One of the principles that Spanish graphic designers hold on to is that if you cannot make it big, just make it red. Red is a bold, dominant and eye-catching colour to the Spaniards.

2. The use of bright colour palettes


Compared to colours that give the feeling of serenity and peace, the Spaniards love bright colours more. To them, bright colours give great vibes. So, do not wonder if you find many examples of Spanish design that use bright colour palettes.

3. Emphasis on typography


If you pay close attention to the Spanish design, it sometimes emphasises on the wording instead of the design. This kind of Spanish design is mostly seen in posters, notices and book covers.

4. The use of interesting patterns


Spanish graphic designers are also in love with patterns. When you see beautiful patterns in Spanish design, you probably think that they are meaningless. Well, some of them are. But, plenty are meaningful. The patterns are, of course, in conformity with the purpose of the design.

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