In order for other people to remember you, you have to stand out. How you present yourself plays a very crucial role in the world of business. It’s not only about your look and attitude, something small like business card is also a factor that will determine whether people are going to remember you or not. So how to stand out with your business cards? Pay attention to the following:

  • Choice of colour

choice of colour

Bold colours are a really good choice if you truly want to stand out from the rest. There is actually a lot you can do when it comes to colour combination. It does not matter if your logo is plain white and black, you can simply play with colours. Don’t be afraid to be bold or people will not remember you.

  • Choice of paper

choice of paper

The quality of business card paper can have a great impact on how a business card looks and how people think of you. If you want to stand out, you have to consider textured paper for your business cards. There’s a variety of textured papers to choose. You can consult your printing company for advice on what textured paper is best for your business cards.

  • Choice of finish

choice of finish

glossy business card

The two most popular finishes for business cards are emboss and glossy. The reason behind their popularity is both finishes make your business cards look real good, of course. You can see the emboss finish in the first picture and the glossy one in the second picture. Nice touch, don’t you think? So classy and sophisticated.

  • Choice of shape

choice of shape

The rectangle shape of a business card is so yesterday. Have your own unique business cards by choosing a different shape that people rarely think about. Look at the picture above, leaf is a really unusual shape for a business card. You can choose whatever unique shape you like as long as it looks good and makes sense for the business you are running. Also, make sure that the size is not too large or too small to fit into business card holders or organisers. Be unique and people will remember you easily.