If you really want to be or stay healthy, you are going to find a way to make it happen. No more excuses. If you cannot find the time to exercise before or after work, then you can exercise during work. It is not enough to just eat healthy to stay healthy; you have to get moving. Burn those calories, make your body look leaner. We have some exercise suggestions that you can do at work, and the exercises are easy to do…promise!


  • Stairs, not elevator. Unless it is something urgent, always take the stairs for a healthier heart. If you are not used to climbing the stairs, you are going to be running out of breath at first, but keep doing it and soon you will get used to it.
  • Desk push up. This exercise is going to make you a little bit sweaty, but only a little bit. Desk push up is not as difficult as chest-to-floor push up. All you have to do is placing your hands on the edge of your desk and pushing off with as much force as you can. Pay attention to your shoulder (it should be width apart) and your legs (keep them straight). Also, make sure that your desk does not easily slide.
  • Kickback. Every time you want to get water in the pantry, do not forget to do kickback. Stand tall, balance yourself on only one leg, kick the other leg straight back, and then switch. Doing five or ten for each leg is okay.
  • Bicep curl. This exercise is very practical. You can do bicep curl everywhere with anything, as long as it has some weight. Use a laptop, a thick book or even a full water bottle for this exercise.
  • Stretching. Every now and then stretch your back, arms and legs. Stretching is good for your body, you know.
  • Walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation. If your office is not far from your house, you can go to your office by walking. Alternatively, you can ride a bike. But if your office is too far, consider taking a public transportation instead of driving your own car. When taking a public transportation, you have to walk more compared to when you drive a car. By walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation, not only do you make yourself healthy, but you also help save the environment.

So what do you think about the above-mentioned exercises? They are great and easy-to-do exercises. With regards to working out, determination, discipline and consistency are the keys.