Living our lives as humans, it would be impossible to live happily all the time. There are times when bad things happen to us, either they are extremely bad or just quite bad. What do you do when those bad things happen? Complaining or getting angry? Feeling that this life is not fair? Actually, there are plenty of reasons to smile and be grateful, here are 10 of them:

1. You are still given this life


The very first and most important reason that you should be grateful is that you are still given the chance to live this life. Don’t take it for granted.

2. Your health


There are a lot of people out there who suffer from deadly diseases. When you are ill, think about others who suffer more than you. When you are not ill, you should still be thankful for your health. People say that health is your most precious treasure.

3. Family and friends


If you are surrounded by family and friends who love you, they should be included as one of the reasons for you to be grateful. In case you don’t know, many people are so alone and lonely, many are in despair.

4. Air and clean water


How lucky you are to live in a country where you can breathe fresh air and have clean water. Many undeveloped countries do not have clean water supply.

5. A house that protects you


At least when it is sizzling hot out there or when it rains, you have a house that can protect you. Not everyone is as luck as you are. Another good reason to smile and be grateful.

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6. Talents and abilities to achieve success


Everyone is endowed with talents. Be grateful for your talents and abilities, make use of them, gain success!

7. Free time


Free time, other people may not have free time like you do. Some people can only dream about free time to relax and chill. Life is hard out there, they have to work really hard during the day and at night just to survive.

8. Beautiful nature


You should be grateful for the beautiful nature. Everything about nature is truly amazing. Those birds with beautiful voices, the rainbow, the trees that provide shades when the weather is hot, and many more.

9. People who dislike you


Are there people who hate you? Do not feel sad or disappointed. Instead, you should be grateful because those people exist. It proves that you have strong principles. There are people who are too weak to stick to their principles.

10. Your mistakes


Lastly, be grateful for your mistakes. Though you might feel angry with yourself for making mistakes, there’s something you can learn from your mistakes. You should admit your mistakes and learn from them, you will be a better person.

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