Everyone has things they keep for themselves, including graphic designers. What are the top five things graphic designers secretly do and will never tell anyone, especially their clients?

1. Overpromising


Graphic designers, but not all of course, tend to overpromise. They promise their clients to give the results tomorrow, and they cannot deliver the results on time as promised. This is because creative process does not run smoothly as expected all the time. Therefore, it sometimes takes a longer time.

2. The design or packaging is more important than the thing inside

packaging over inside things

Awesome design or packaging always amazes graphic designers. When they are in a department store and they see a product that catches their eye, that’s because of its great design or packaging. To graphic designers, the design or packaging is more important than the product itself. If it looks pretty, they will most definitely buy it.

3. Not impressed with their own work

say no to their own work

Either graphic designers, painters, artists, musicians, or other art-related professions, the biggest critic is often themselves. It is natural for graphic designers to doubt themselves. They believe that their works are not great enough, and they don’t deserve to be where they are right now. One of their biggest fears is that someday the real graphic designers will find them. Of course, they don’t say their fear out loud.

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4. Procrastinating is what they love doing


Graphic designers need to find inspiration before they fully commit to a project. They need time to explore different ideas, concepts and approaches, so that they produce the best result. Procrastination is a vital part in the design process.

5. Keeping things that don’t belong to them

graphic designers love stealing things

Most graphic designers keep things that don’t belong to them, especially stationeries such as pens, pencils and papers. For example, if a graphic designer borrows a pen from you and you lend it to them, be ready to lose your pen.

It’s not that graphic designers are thiefs, they just love collecting things. Also, if you’ve got awesome books or magazines, graphic designers love them. They will return those things if you ask though.

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