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Percetakan Jakarta

Certain things are only meant for certain people, and the following are seven things only writers will understand:

1. Books will always be your best friends

books will always be your best friends

Reading is an important part of your life, you cannot live without reading. If you prefer to spend time with books rather than people, you are not alone. Many writers feel the same way too. To you, happiness is when you buy new books.

2. You find killing people fun

things only writers will understand: killing people is fun

This happens when you meet someone obnoxious and you start killing them in your mind. The good thing about being a writer is that you can turn that someone into one of your characters and just kill the character, and the great thing is you won’t get arrested by doing it.

3. Your hobby is eavesdropping

writers love eavesdropping

Listening to other people’s conversations is fun, though it is not very ethical. But admit it, no matter how hard you try not to eavesdrop, you just can’t help it, right?

Not to defend yourself, but those conversations that you eavesdrop can be good materials for your next writing. Human beings are your favourite subject. That’s why you observe and learn about them.

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4. You are used to facing deadlines


Deadlines… you meet them all the time. You are like a total mess when you are facing a deadline. You can wear the same clothes for five days in a row. You don’t take a shower and eat only cereal bars. Your family and friends understand this kind of you.

5. You love staying home to hibernate


As a writer, you love being with yourself and staying home to hibernate because it’s just so cozy and warm. It’s not that you don’t love the people in your life, you just love to hibernate more.

6. Exaggerating things is normal

exaggerating things is normal for writers

You are a writer and it is your job to make your stories very exciting. In order to do so, sometimes you have to exaggerate things. That’s a natural thing to do. It’s not that you love exaggerating things, but somehow it happens.

7. Math is your nemesis

math is enemy of writers

In school math was your most hated subject. You hate math so much that you wish it did not exist. You never understand what’s so interesting about math and why there are people who are very much into it.

There are, of course, writers who are superb at math, but you know that most writers are not the fans of mathematics. Math is only important to you when it comes to calculating your fees.


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