What is a good business card? A card that can describe your overall business or the company you are working for well. It is, of course, not easy, but it is very possible. Moreover, a good business card is one that can impress people. Therefore, you have to carefully design your business card. If you want people to keep your business cards, follow these seven tips for designing a business card:

1. Your company’s logo should have a big portion in your business card


Logo is the basis of a company. One thing that is most memorable from a company is its logo.

Since logo plays an important role as a business identity, it should have a big portion in your business card.

In general the back side of a business card is only for the logo, aside from the front side, in which logo also appears together with the essentials of a company.

You should remember that this tip would not be so useful if your logo does not look appealing. Make sure that your logo is memorable and impressive but still looks professional.

2. Include only important information related to the company

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The next tip for designing a business card that you need to pay attention to is related to information to be included in a business card.

Do not try to include too much information in a business card. What you need to include is the essentials only, namely your name, title as well as email address and the company’s address, phone number and website.

The purpose of a business card is to help people when they want to contact you. Thus, only important information should be included in your business card.

3. Simple is nice


How beautiful simplicity is, including a simple business card. Simple is nice, the simpler your business card, the better, people will like it more.

How to make your business card look simple? Other than the tip described in point two above, please also read points four and five below.

4. Use readable font type


Do not be complicated when designing a business card, stay simple. Do you want people to read and keep your business card?

If that is what you want, it is best if you use easy-to-read font type, so that people will not feel confused and lazy when they see your business card.

5. Avoid using too many colours


The fifth tip for designing a business card that you have to follow is avoiding the use of too many colours. Simply use one colour or a combination of two or three colours. Do not be too much, you are designing a business card. You don’t want to leave a not-so-good impression, do you?

6. If possible, make your business card have another function


The more useful an object, the more people will like it. So, if possible, be creative by designing your business card so that it has another function. Your business card can function not only as a business identity, but also as something else.

7. Use special finish(es)


The last tip for designing a business card from us is to use special finish(es) to make your business card look impressive and exclusive. The impact of using special finish(es) is that your business card will stand out from other people’s business cards. For example, see the above business card, you can use foil for your business card.

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